Practice, practice, practice.

This music moves me. I grew up playing piano and this was always a piece I wanted to learn. Sadly, moving away from home, and thus my piano, I lost the skill I had. I now have limited access to a piano and this is one of the pieces I try to work on, though my progress is slow. I love this piece, I love how this guy plays it, just everything about it soothes me.

Is there music that you go to for soothing? Have you ever played an instrument or want to? I’ve also thought about a ukulele, they are lots of fun and SMALL! Unlike a piano, a bit lofty to take around with me…

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One thought on “Practice, practice, practice.

  1. This is absolutely beautiful. I think I might try & go buy the music for it this week & try & learn it on the piano as well. When I was probably 10 yrs old, I taught myself how to play the piano and have played every since. I mean, I maybe took a month of piano lessons, if that, but I always did better just on my own. I have a hard time understanding how many counts each note gets, etc. I don’t play too often any more, and I kind of miss it. I do every once in a while get asked to play the piano for people’s wedding receptions though. When I was in high school, I needed an art credit, and I had my grandpa’s guitar, so I also took guitar lessons. I passed the class with a grade of a B- (I think), but have since forgot almost everything I learned. It makes me sad. I keep wanting to relearn the guitar, but haven’t had time yet.

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