Weekend art

A rainy but sometimes sunny weekend… So many things achieved, so much still feeling like it’s left to do! At least I got to spend some wonderful time with friends, old and new, got to run a 5K and a 7K, had a fun boxing class, got washing and cleaning done on the rare sunny moments, but didn’t get to cook as much as I had wanted. Had some car troubles that resulted in some very expensive repairs but I’m still mobile. Lastly, got to finish 3 art works and start a 4th for a new friend that I can’t wait to finish!

How was your weekend? Lots of busy things to do, or days of relaxation and some well needed zzzzz’s?

A gift for my Mum-in-law

I love silhouettes

A gift for a soon to be born baby!



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7 thoughts on “Weekend art

    • Resting is an essential part, especially from someone as fit as you! I need to learn how to stop and relax through rest, which I don’t know how to do! If I don’t workout everyday in some way it drives me nuts! I say “oh, today, no gym, it’s my rest day” then go run 5K instead… Not really a rest day… How is your training going, do you have a race coming up? You always seem to be racing so I’m guessing there is something coming up! :)

      • Ya. I signed up for a last minute race this weekend down in Zion National Park doing trail running and then I’ve got my last race of the season, a marathon, on Nov 3 in Las Vegas. I really need to catch up on my blog. Haha!

      • I can’t wait for more trail running, we are just getting into the mountain running season again I think, or it seems, there is one race each month now until about March next year! I need a new goal though, possibly time to hit up a half marathon…

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