Deciding I’m an athlete

Now, that doesn’t mean a good athlete! But, I love my running and am more focused on improving my times, my form, my skill. Not only in running, but now also back into cycling, one of my first exercise loves!

I used to love riding my ridiculous 1 tonne clunky bike on the farm, racing up and down the road, dogs chasing me, so much fun. I adored my commute to work in Brisbane despite the horrendous heat and humidity. Moving to Canberra, I still loved my commute, now much longer, and instead of the heat and humidity, freezing cold mornings, ice and rain, but I still loved it. I stopped riding because of experiments and a disgruntled attitude towards my current bike…

Now, I have invested more in my running, better and more comfortable clothes, a gym membership to work on my strength and for good interval training that I needed, joined a running group for proper training – and it’s time to do the same with my cycling. First step, a better bike, and I’ve fallen in love with a beautiful Bianchi! So, new bike, then on to training – I won’t just use this beautiful machine for commuting, though my 20K commute is a nice ride to get used to how she moves – then I will work on hill climbs (you win races on hills, not on sprints!), and have a couple of friends who will be able to help me with that, push me and give me advice. I want to get good, I want to be confident when I call myself an athlete, I want to feel comfortable in the kinds of clothes that athletes wear because they are the best clothes for the work I do.

I am excited. I’m going to be the type of athlete I have always wanted to be, but first, that Bianchi! :P

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9 thoughts on “Deciding I’m an athlete

  1. That’s awesome that you’re getting a better bike. A better bike makes a world of difference. When I got my bike, Jagger (his name), even though he was pricey, he’s definitely worth the investment. I’m SO excited for you.

    • Like Mick Jagger? You’ve got moves like Jagger? My current bike is named Celeste and strangely the name of the colour of the bianchi is celeste! :P I’m really excited!

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