For those of you interested in what I do…

After presenting some of my findings at a conference in the USA in August, my work has finally caught on in the media. It’s not cancer-curing, it’s not world or life changing, but it is incredibly interesting and has implications in terms of systems processing and navigational contexts. It really is one of the coolest results to come out of my PhD so far and to be featured on 2 radio stations and a few websites, I am feeling really good about my work. I am feeling energised and excited for the future, for more work to do and for being able to communicate it to the general public – something that scientists often fail at.

Without any more fuss, here is a link to a nice article on my work in the Australian Geographic! Let me know what you think of these amazing little ants and the crazy work I do :)

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9 thoughts on “For those of you interested in what I do…

  1. That is very interesting and if you can help me from getting lost all the time I will be thrilled. Nice article, congratulations on getting written up. How did you end up studying ants navigational abilities?

    • Oh I am hopeless at navigating! :P How I ended up in this research is quite a convoluted story! Simply put, I love science and was taking advantage of opportunities as they came to me! I Was asked to join this lab for a PhD and so I took it! I have mixed feelings about that decision in the end, but I’ll keep at it until I can finally submit! :)

    • Ants are so super smart, but in a different way! They are almost like mini computers (with processing power so much higher than any of our normal computers!) and take in information, process it and make decisions based on that! It’s simple, but incredibly complex! Insects can do some awesome things, but sadly no one wants to save endangered insects, just cute cuddly things like Pandas :P

  2. This is really interesting! Having worked with fruit flies when I was studying genetics, I know insects are far more complex and fascinating than most realize. I think your work is compelling and am interested in seeing where it goes from here.

    • Thanks! I will definitely keep updating with my results as I find them, especially when the work is exciting like this is! Insects really are some of my favourite animals to work with, they are so incredibly complex and it’s amazing what we do understand about them, but even more than that, how little we understand about them, and about ourselves! We still know so little about our own brains! I love science! :)

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