My first attempt at Black Mountain

This is Black Mountain

Black Mountain, ACT

This morning I had my very first attempt of riding up this beast. She doesn’t look too difficult, but I’m still a beginner. I am getting more seriously into my cycling, I am starting to train, and part of that training is hill climbs. I love climbing hills, I love running hills, I’m not good at it but I want to be, so I’m going to be!

This first attempt wasn’t my best. My bike has a lovely little quirk where when you change down into the smallest gears the chain gets stuck and falls off. I had a feeling it would do this to me but I needed to lower gears so decided to change down. Yep, you guessed it, chain stuck, I lost all momentum, couldn’t unclip my foot in time, fell straight over and scraped my knee. I felt such a fool, especially when 3 super fit guys rode past – super helpful, asking if I was ok, if I needed help, if the chain was still stuck – but I felt so dumb.

After the fall (within the first 1km!), I picked myself up and kept going. It was tough, my heart was beating so hard, breathing hard, but I kept going. I had to take a break a couple of times to let my legs get a bit of a break and it took me forever to get to the top – 20minutes! My friend/cyclist/trainer gets up there in half that time! I felt so ashamed and unfit.

But at least it’s a start right? And that’s better than nothing at all, AND I’m determined to get better, get a whole lot better!

I will be better next time, especially now that I know what to expect, oh, and I’ll have a new bike!

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14 thoughts on “My first attempt at Black Mountain

  1. nothing like the thrill of cycling and hiking! i had to slide my way down a steep mountain recently as i was too scared to stand on my feet and walk in an orthodox manner. quite embarrassed with myself as my friend “strode” his way down the mountain almost effortlessly!
    we all learn but the adrenaline of hiking and cycling keeps our pursuits going! ^_^

  2. That thing looks huge! Damn good of you to make it at all especially with the embarrassing and inauspicious start. I probably would have slunk down the hill with my tail between my legs.
    I just ride for fun and have some nice rides but most of the hills are not so big. I know what you mean about doing hills if you are serious about training. Those hills will really kick your ass! At least you got passed by super fit guys, nothing worse than having a grandma go whizzing by you like you are standing still!

    • Oh I’ve been passed by the elderly before, right in the beginning of my fitness movement, but I just tried to ignore it and keep working on getting better – and that’s this hill for me, I will keep working at it until I can ride up in half the time!

      • :) That’s how you do it! Set your goals and go for it. Reminds me I’ve kind of been coasting, time to set some new goals so I don’t backslide this winter. Your an inspiration!

      • Thank you! I just need to inspire myself to get more organised with my fitness, the start of my experimental season has thrown it off so far! We’ll get there though :)

  3. Hell, nothing like falling off a couple of times to help you improve! And now that feeling well, that moment, split second when you realise your foot isn’t unclipping, Ouch!

    • I knew it was going to happen, and so the fall was in slow motion, couldn’t get that right foot unclipped! Then on the ground I just couldn’t quite twist my ankle to get the foot under the bike unclipped at first either – I was so worried that I would have to ask the guys who rode by to unclip me but at the last minute it worked, phew, a little less shame for the day lol! Always working on improving though!

      • It really is great, lots of great trails for riding and running, great hiking near by, definitely the kind of city that’s enjoyable to live in – until winter!

  4. Impressive. The few times I’ve been up Black Mountain I’ve thought the cyclists and joggers some kind of alien superspecies. Very inspiring, scrapes and bruises included.

    • I feel like running up it is easier, I don’t fall off bikes then! But, I am determined to be one of those superspecies I know you mean, the people riding the same day as me were absolute machines! I will power up that mountain one day!

  5. Awesome job!!! I’m so proud of you for continuing up the hill even after you fell. I probably would’ve turned around & headed back! ;) It’s more embarrassing than anything when you fall off your bike. I’ve done it a couple of times on hills, but thankfully nobody saw me. Lol. Next time you’ll do SO much better.

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