Queen of the Mountain

So long since I have written and many things have changed. A deep statement for an opening line and yet not a rare one I will admit. Let’s stick to one topic – cycling!

Since writing last, my fitness has improved in terms of my cycling. I can now summit Black Mountain in 16:08 – much better than my first attempt of almost 25mins including 1 fall and 2 stops!

Better than that, I did a ride this morning and ended up being Queen of the Mountain for a strava segment!



Sure it wasn’t a super fast time, and many professional female athletes would leave me well in their dust! But for a beginner who was doubting her abilities that was a fantastic boost to the ego! It will also be taken from me in no time I expect, but that’s ok, I had it, for a little while and got to feel amazing!

So, friends, any ego boosts, fitness related or not, that you’ve experienced lately?

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5 thoughts on “Queen of the Mountain

  1. maybe not an ego boost, but an adrenaline (if not tiring) boost through working in the media. extremely fast paced, but worth it. gotta experience everything that life throws at you ain’t it? =D

  2. Congrats! I was KOM for about a day when I was riding home from work and decided to take the street straight up the hill opposite my work. then, all the serious cyclists found out and went and rode it……. :(

  3. Yay on summiting & being Queen of the Mountain! I know in your last post you were struggling a little bit with the cycling. I’m so happy for you & proud of you! I hope all is going well.

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