Not afraid of failing

Becoming an ambassador for Roxcycl has been an incredibly empowering experience for me.

I feel so much confidence to try new races, to commit to the training, and my only guess as to why that is, is the people I have supporting me.

Surprisingly, that isn’t just the wonderful people at Roxcycl. My friends, my family, my fellow ambassadors, people I meet at the gym, professional cyclists I’ve approached, all have met my questions and doubts with incredible enthusiasm and support.

I have so many people believing in me that for a change, I really believe in me. I know we all hear that we must believe in ourselves, and I have said it to others many times. I feel it’s true, we should, but I also feel that often it can be hard. I wish it hadn’t taken an ambassador program to get me to realise that, that I am capable, but I am also so thankful that I really believe it. I’m hoping that I can utilise this support and reach out to others, to share my experience and encourage them to get out there and challenge themselves, because I believe in them too.

If at first you don't succeed...

If at first you don’t succeed…

Try, try again.

Try, try again.

It’s now 8 months until my #mygoalrox event. That’s a long time to plan, to trial out different strategies, to hopefully be performing at my absolute best for the Scott 6+6.

I lost my weight, 60kgs, by myself. I didn’t have a trainer, I didn’t follow a special diet, or ask for help from anyone. I was naive and a little bit silly about my approach, thinking that I couldn’t ask for help. Well, not this time!

I have a great support network at my local gym already, and have enlisted the help of a personal trainer to help me shape a weight lifting program that will not detract from the cycling and be prepared to alter it dependent on my feedback.

I have also met wonderful people in the cycling community over the last couple of years, and have been picking their brains and asking for advice on how to structure my program and what kinds of tips and tricks they have come across in their careers. I feel so lucky, I have planned almost 4 months of my training program, completed the first month of it with a few changes and lessons already, and feel that I am in a great position with fantastic support to keep learning and shaping and progressing.

I have more in mind than simply competing in the Scott 6+6. My general goals for 2015 are;

  1. to increase my general fitness – I think everyone wants that in some form.
  2. to encourage and inspire women who see themselves as “just average” to get out there and try something – we are all more than just average and can achieve anything that we back ourselves to achieve.
  3. to turn 30! Not really a goal, but an exciting event nonetheless.
  4. to not be afraid of failing – too many times I have quit something before I started because I was afraid of failing and of somehow being judged for it.
  5. to revel in the journey – I want the biggest part of my goal to be the people I meet on the way, the skills I learn, the training process, the fitness I gain.

So no more fear, time to believe in myself, time to back myself, time to approach with tenacity the biggest fitness challenge I have undertaken, and to focus on every step of the journey. You with me?


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