Maintaining an Active/Athletic Lifestyle – Tips by Real, Relatable People.

I was part of a survey on changing to an active lifestyle and some of the thoughts of the women surveyed are gems that I believe are worthwhile to share. The underlying theme, do what you love when it comes to fitness, and do it for you! 

Body Positive Athletes

Have you ever (like me) sat there reading advice about how to really make ‘that’ change to an active lifestyle, and found yourself thinking ‘there is no possible way I can relate to these suggestions because there is no possible way I can relate to this person‘?

Recently I have undertaken research to explore if there are common traits and experiences amongst people who have been consistently active for a period of over twelve months (this was the ONLY criteria). Within the questions was one asking for any advice these people may have for those of us find themselves in the same position I was many years ago – having what felt like my MILLIONTH go at losing weight and ‘getting healthy’ because I still believed the two concepts were completely intertwined. For me personally, it was a shift of mental focus from weight loss to just doing an…

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