A shout out

This is a shout out, to all the women that “tri-ed” today at the Albury Wodonga Women’s Triathlon. I want to congratulate you all and say that you owned it, it was yours.

At the end of the race, I heard a lot of “this wasn’t my best”, “I’m not really good at that”, “but you’re so much quicker”, “I can’t do this bit”, I’m guilty of it too, but none of that matters. 

If you’re swimming and you try to take a breath, and instead of breathing in air you take a mouth full of water, coughing, spluttering, looking around to see if someone can help you, having a panic attack, because you feel so out of your depth. You see everyone else pulling away and that is ok. It’s time to relax, to focus, re-centre on your race. That’s part of the process of you getting better at this.

When you get on your bike and you try to get going, only to struggle with clipping in your shoes, whilst others zoom past with ease. Or making it to that hill and the chain falling off, or you have to walk and you can feel your face getting redder with the heat, with the effort, with embarrassment. That doesn’t matter, don’t look at others with envy, don’t look at others and let doubt grow within you, this is your race. That’s part of the process of pushing yourself further.

Finally, when you make it to the run and you try to put one foot in front of the other, only to find they feel like lead, they have pushed you this far, your heart rate is through the roof, and you have to walk, yet others seem to be running as if they haven’t just swam and ridden. That doesn’t matter. You are making it to the end, you are almost there and your legs will get you there. That’s part of the process of you getting there.

And the thing is, you got there. You got over the line, you made it, you finished. You are a triathlete. The abilities of others didn’t stop you from finishing, didn’t stop you from becoming a triathlete, so that comparison, that self deprecation, it isn’t helping, only hindering how well you think you can do. You are stronger than your doubts.

So my shout out is to all of you who “tri-ed”, but I don’t want you to say you “tried”, I want you to say you did.


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