Smith Family iTrack Mentoring Program

iTrack is an online mentoring program run through The Smith Family that helps high school kids engage and get direction, advice, and support from adults other than their teachers or parents.

Many young people drop out and lose interest in their education as they become teenagers. This can lead to significant disadvantages and barriers as they enter the workforce. By leaving school early, kids can limit the choices available to them and lack access to positive role models.

As a member of iTrack, my role was to provide advice and support to my paired students. I shared my experiences in higher education and the workforce, and encouraged them to build aspirations and plans for the future, to support their choices and help them find the information they needed to achieve their goals.

This has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I mentored two high school students, and their potential, their aspirations, was inspiring. It didn’t take much, just one hour a week to have a chat for part of the school year. I encourage you to sign up and try it. At the end, I was sent the most beautiful thank you notes from my students and felt so privileged to be a part of their lives. I highly recommend you give it a go.