I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Sydney, in the Insect Behaviour and Ecology Lab with Dr Tanya Latty. Working with ant and bee colonies, I design, undertake and analyse experiments investigating social insect resilience and collective behaviour. During my undergraduate career, I developed skills in confocal microscopy, as well as my passion for statistical analysis. During my PhD, I furthered my microscopy techniques and am proficient in histology, SEM and TEM preparations. I furthered my interest in statistics and began my fascination with modelling and software programming. I have skills in animal GPS tracking, time lapse photography, automated video tracking, and am currently learning programs such as R and Python to further my programming skills. I have managed field sites both before and during my PhD, covering logistics, resource and people management and operations, along with the conduct of the experiment. I have mentored undergraduate and postgraduate students in my current position. I have extensive experience in the culturing and maintenance of living colonies, from phytoplankton and urchin larvae, to honey bees and ants. I am experienced in fieldwork, from remote locations, such as the deserts of Alice Springs, Australia, to city based field sites within Canberra and Sydney, Australia. I am passionate about developing my theoretical and modelling knowledge to complement my vast animal behaviour background.