In case you missed it, here are my interviews for Self Improvement Wednesday with Richard Glover on ABC Sydney radio:


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How insects navigate

Mothers in the insect world

The world of slime

Surprising studies in self control

Where have all the Christmas beetles gone


What we can learn from social insects


Pest management and food


Protecting our pollinators


How insects get their colour


More media topics:

Social Insect Infrastructure

The Conversation What social insects can teach us about resilient infrastructure” 25 May 2016

702 ABC SydneyWhat we can learn from social insects” – radio interview with Wendy Harmer 11 March 2016

666 ABC Canberra “What we can learn from social insects” – radio interview with Philip Clark 11 March 2016

The Sydney Morning Herald, The Canberra Times, and The Age How busy bees and ants could help save our cities9 March 2016

Navigation – Ants

Australian Geographic Lost ants use visual cues to quickly navigate 15 November 2012, SciNews, ScienceAlert  “Sugar ants know when they’re lost” 11 November 2012

Redorbit “Australian Sugar Ants Walk in Circles When Lost” 12 November 2012


Target Tracking – Honey Bees

The AustralianIf only warplanes had belligerent bee brains 9 January 2009

The Australian, Discovery Buzz, and War News Updates “If only drone aircraft had belligerent bee brains” 8 January 2009

612 ABC Brisbane “Aggressive bees provide new insights into missile technology” radio interview

ABC National News Angry bees provide military clues televised interview